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Gustavo Torres

Gustavo grew up in Hood River and came to Springdale after hearing a radio at while at the gym. The way he describes it, he saw his friends moving on in their lives, starting their careers and growing up and he hadn't completed high school. He hea... Read More

I’m doing what I want to do, and I love being an executive chef. My goal is to one day run multiple restaurants.

Charles Armstrong

Charles Armstrong is the executive chef at Catch 54, a high-quality seafood restaurant considered one of the best waterfront restaurants in Delaware. Getting the job was no accident for Charles. His years of hard work and training gave him the opp... Read More

I wanted a job to support myself but needed skills. Job Corps was great, especially because it's free.

Raja Arsian

Raja Arsian enrolled at Potomac Job Corps Center in Sept. 2013, only a year after immigrating to the United States. A native of Pakistan, Raja was working a series of customer service jobs, unhappy with his hours and unsatisfied with his career pa... Read More

Kimber Jones

Kimber came to Springdale from the Salem area. She had been working a fast food job and realized it didn't align with her long-term goals. She decided Job Corps was a great way to further her goals and get the training she needed.

Kimber... Read More

Employer Partners Give Students Tools to Learn

Employer partners are some of the most important community relationships we develop. Through these partnerships, students are able to get the most up-to-date work-based learning experiences and the feedback the workforce councils provide is critic... Read More

My options were very limited without a degree. I learned about Job Corps and figured, 'What do I have to lose?'

Matthew Parker

Matthew Parker moved a number of times in his life, but the most important move was for Job Corps. Matthew spent most of his childhood in Sitka, Alaska, where he first developed an interest in computers. He was able to pursue this interest in high... Read More

College Program Welcomes Two New Students

Springdale Job Corps Center offers many ways for students to expand their training. One of those ways is through Advanced Career Training. This program is college-based, with students continuing to live on-center while they attend classes at Mount... Read More

A work ethic was instilled in me at Job Corps. It made me appreciate the experiences that came after.

Lydia Mata

Lydia Mata discovered Job Corps in 1995 while driving by a billboard in Fresno, Calif. The single, teenage mother had, as she puts it, “limited options for finding a job and no means of paying for school.” Knowing she had a responsibility to her s... Read More

In Job Corps, you can accomplish anything you want, if you’re willing to work. Strive hard for your goals.

Dago Pates

Officer Dago Pates is in line to become one of Kyle, Texas’ next police detectives. But had it not been for Job Corps, he may still be digging ditches for the county. The 2006 graduate of Gary Job Corps Center is currently the Juvenile and Sex Off... Read More